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Unions are proud that this holiday was inspired by their efforts to improve workers’ rights.


On this day, we look around and say thanks to all of the Construction Craft Professionals. They are the Labourers, Demolition Workers, Concrete Finishers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Mason Tenders and others who work hard every day building this beautiful Country.


Few industries touch our daily lives so directly and in so many meaningful ways. What better time to celebrate the sweat, hard work and dedication of all working families. Our Members marched humbly through the streets of the City we built wearing our commemorative shirts and hats as a sign of solidarity.


Our Members take pride in their work and as a token of appreciation, the Executive Board concluded the parade by distributing raffle tickets free of charge to every member of Local 506 who marched in the parade. Following the march Brothers Andrew Deonarain and Craig Cormier each won a $500.00 gift certificate.