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Ephraim's Place






On a summer evening in July 2007, adversity came to our neighbourhood in an unexpected way. A birthday party did not turn our as planned. During the party, as the music was playing and food was being shared, shots rang out. Members from two rival gangs began to shoot at each other through the covered sidewalk in front of the birthday townhouse. Panic ensued. When the dust settled, an eleven-year-old boy named Ephraim Brown lay dead on the ground.


As you can imagine, this hot our community pretty hard. The most often heard words in the following weeks were, “Never again!” People were stunned. People were angry. People were afraid…but an amazing thing began to happen. People began to come together and support one another. They learned names of neighbours they had not met before. They provided food for the grieving family. They shared a coffee or a beet over the back fence. The community came together in an amazing way. By the end of the summer the words, “Never again” changed into a determination to make our neighbourhood a better place to live.


This incredible story has truly influenced us all and in light of what happened, we came together to raise much needed funds to see this great vision turned into a reality. We committed ourselves to keep Ephraim’s place active; A safe place for the children in the community.


Local 506 Executive Board collaborated with voluntary Signatory Employers, Business Representative, Support Staff, Training Centre Staff and Apprentices who committed their time and had as its desire a mission to give back to the Local Community. We teamed up and transformed a deteriorated neighbourhood Recreation Centre into a sparkling new place of pride, play and gathering. In addition to time and talent, donations of tiles, wood, paint, kitchen cabinets and appliances were donated to support this worthy cause.


Time and financial support not only helped make a positive difference in this neighbourhood but also added to this story of blessing from adversity. This was only possible with the assistance of generous donations and we are highly obliged to the following individuals:


Bondfield Construction 

Choice Walls

CI Custom Fabrication & Service

Classic Kitchen 

Delsan-Aim Environmental 

Dominc Ierullo

Eli Stone

Freeway Metal

Garland Commercial Ranges

Halton Indoor Climate Systems Ltd.

Heartlake Glass & Mirror Prod.

J.T. Graphics

Lions Demolition

LiUNA! Local 506

Local 506 Training Centre

LiUNA! Central and Eastern Canada Regional Office

MJM Maintenance

Ontario Provincial District Council

Powerline Services

Quality Mechanical

Ram Equipment

Toronto Concrete Floors




Your support was indispensable to the guaranteed success of this project.


At the conclusion of this successful drive, Local 506 held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with sponsors, volunteers and spectators in attendance of this milestone event on Friday, May 2nd, 2014. This event was covered by local news media.


By doing our part to contribute to the community, we continue to add people to our circle of influence and fain opportunities to build relationships within our communities. We also demonstrate what it means when we say that we are “More than just a Union!”